Sensory School

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New for Manchester Coffee Festival 2018! Attendees will be invited to brush up on their sensory skills in a brand new zone brought to the event by Festival Partners, Cimbali. Seasoned coffee professionals will be on hand to guide students through the Sensory School before they embark on a journey navigating tastes and smells within the festival.


Aroma Station

How good is your sense of smell? In this area, with the help of Le Nez Du Cafe you will be tested on basic coffee aromas. Can you smell the difference?

Origin & Processing Station

Saturday Schedule

10:00 – tbc

12:00 – Assembly Coffee: Ethiopia – Regions and Processing

14:00 – Grumpy Mule: Honduras Coffee

15:00 – Darkwoods: Dark Woods Coffee’s collaboration with La Huella, Panama: an exploration of processing and variety

16:00 – Origin

Sunday Schedule

10:00 – tbc

12:00 – Indochina: China and Myanmar – new origins for specialty coffee

14:00 – Coffee of Yemen: Coffees from Yemen - Kawa & Kishr by Mohammed Ali

Tasting Table

Saturday Schedule

10:00 – Climpson & Sons

12:00 – Brew Tea Co: Whole Leaves! Brewing Better Tea 

14:00 – Rounton Coffee Roasters: Its hard tasting coffee!

16:00 – Artemis Cold Brew

Sunday Schedule

10:00 – Raf Makes: Kenyan Cupping

12:00 – Aura Chai

14:00 – Brades Farm: Impact of Barista Milk on Coffee