COMSA Come to Manchester – Tasting, Talks and Panel

Our pals at Heart and Graft have invited producers from a co-operative that they work with to come to Manchester. COMSA will travel from Honduras to visit Manchester, see where their coffee is being used and meet the thriving coffee scene in the city. 

There are two events happening next week during their visit. If you have the time then I highly recommend checking them both out!

Tuesday 11 July – 19:00 at Grindsmith Deansgate

Heart & Graft will host an evening panel discussion based on issues of sustainability in coffee trading. The panel will include Rodolfo (COMSA), Howard Barwick (Head Coffee Buyer, Bewleys UK), Holly Bowman (North Star Coffee, Leeds).

Provenance is a key part of coffee buying – this is a fantastic opportunity for the panellists and audience to dig into this idea of fair 'ethical' 'direct' trade of coffee, and what this actually means to the farmers whilst hearing from the farmers themselves!

Entry is free! You can sign up here.

Thursday 13 July – 18:00-22:00 at Heart & Graft

Heart & Graft will host a cupping event with a difference at their roastery – the main difference being that the farmers will be there to present their coffee! H&G will set up all sorts of interactive stuff so you can really dig into the elements that influence how coffee is grown and processed and how this is fundamental to its character and flavour. They’ll also be brewing and pulling shots…well, you will!

The cupping will be structured, and there will be a talk about COMSA's organic vision and how this contributes to flavour. However, they also want to leave lots of time for you to just hang out and socialise, brew coffee with the producers and chat to some awesome coffee brains, and ask all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask coffee farmers about!

This event is ticketed at £10 each and will include a bag of coffee. All the proceeds will go towards Team COMSA’s travel costs. Register here!