What is Cup North?

Cup North is an organisation with the key commitment of aiding the development and sustainability of the speciality coffee industry in the UK. We have two goals:

1.To encourage and enable a strong community of baristas, roasters and coffee enthusiasts in our home of Manchester and surrounding cities
2.To use our reach through events to promote and make speciality coffee accessible to the wider consumer market 


Running events of a variety of sizes is one of the main vehicles we utilise to achieve our goals. Throughout the year, Cup North are committed to running educational and social events for our Northern Barista Club members. Additionally, in 2016 we collaborated with Spin festival to bring the local and speciality element of our main festival to their cycling event.

Cup North 2017: The Main Event

Manchester Coffee Festival is returning this year on 4 & 5 November at Victoria Warehouse – in our forth year we have established ourselves as one of the leading independent coffee festivals in the UK. 

Who are we?

Cup North was formed by two coffee loving cafe lurkers way back in 2013. One half of the team, Ricardo Gandara, Biochemist and whizz with a lever is found most regularly running the good ship TAKK. The other half, Hannah Davies, can be found with her head in a laptop preparing events for SCA or, up a hill! 

Cup North also has an incredible team of volunteers that return year-on-year to support the smooth running of Manchester Coffee Festival.