Tamper Tantrum are returning for Manchester Coffee Festival  2017 with their second annual Brubiaceae (prizes for pronouncing this with a straight face ;)). Read on for all the info to enter and where you can try out the brews.

So, what do I need to do?
First of all, you’ll need to register here, so that Tamper Tantrum know to expect your submission in November and have your contact details so that they can coordinate the fun part: presenting samples of your beer and explaining your process to attendees at Manchester Coffee Festival! Then, using coffee flowers, coffee, or chaff (or some mix of these), you’ll need to brew 2L (for public tasting) and 4 x 330mL bottles (for judging). Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need to get them to the Manchester Coffee Festival on Saturday, November 4th for judging. Double-plus bonus if you bring your beer AND yourself: you’ll get to present samples of your beer to the judges AND the festival-going masses!

What’s in it for me? 
Well, aside from a chance to play with different parts of the coffee plant in your homebrew (or even just play with coffee!) and a chance to chat to coffee and beer geeks alike, competitors also get all-day Saturday entry into the Manchester Coffee Festival, and a chance to win a Flat White brew day with none-other-than Manchester’s own Alphabet Brewing Co. AND a £100 bar tab at their very awesome brew tap!

How will entries be scored?
Oh, we’re so excited  you’ve asked! Tamper Tantrum have worked closely with Brian & Tasha (Weird Beard) to build a scoresheet that brings the best of beer and coffee scoring together into one, handy sheet.


Got more Qs? 
We’ve (probably) got answers. Read all the details about the competition here and, if your question still haven’t been answered, just pop Tamper Tantrum a mail!

This year’s Brubiaceae winning prize is made possible by the kind support of Alphabet Brewing Company.